Pelosi Says She’s Not Considering Switching Jobs At All

( Last Saturday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi categorically refuted the claim that she had the position of the American ambassador to Italy on her mind.
But can anyone believe anything the painted crone Pelosi has to say?
Pelosi was reportedly considering the coveted diplomatic position if the Democrats lose control of the House in the midterm elections on November 8, according to a Fox Business article that was taken up by several other news organizations.
Biden has not yet named the ambassador to Italy.
According to sources, Pelosi wanted President Biden to designate her as the next American ambassador to Italy if the GOP wins control of the House in the next midterm elections.

Sources claim that one reason Biden hasn’t appointed a speaker since entering office is that he is currently holding the position open.

With the growing possibility that the GOP will win the majority, speculation from earlier this year that a Pelosi friend and former Wall Street businessman was interested in the position has changed. Sources’ reactions to Pelosi in the position this week were conflicted, but it is unclear how the new Senate would vote on her candidacy.

She doesn’t have many friends in Congress.

The Senate has so far approved 101 of Biden’s nominations for ambassadorial positions, but Biden has been slow to appoint ambassadors to a number of nations, notably Italy.

There are now unfilled Senate-confirmed seats in 27 percent of the 194 ambassadorships.

The people who helped get presidents into the White House, such as political operatives and contributors, often get the best, cushy ambassadorships in the world.

Villa Taverna, the ambassador’s home in Rome, has a swimming pool, private gardens, and a three-story wine cellar.
The villa sounds like something Nancy Pelosi already has in California.
But if she does get the job in Italy, she and her husband should probably stay out of the wine cellar.