Pimp Known For Torture-Tactics Pleads In Court

A New York City pimp has confessed to killing his prostitute girlfriend and sex trafficking eight additional women.

On January 13, 2017, Somorie Moses, aka “Sugar Bear,” allegedly killed 32-year-old Leondra Foster by beating her. Then, he reportedly used a knife and a saw to cut her body into pieces.

Moses allegedly dumped the woman’s body parts at a Bronx, New York landfill four days after the gruesome murder. But the police found Foster’s severed skull, hands, and feet in Moses’ Brooklyn deep freezer.

September 15th, Moses admitted guilt. He has prior convictions for criminally negligent homicide and concealing a corpse. However, the story claims he was cleared of murder accusations in 2019.

Moses testified in court that he dismembered Foster’s body but denied that he murdered her. He did claim to have “smacked her around” and given her “black eyes” over his two decades of pimping.

Two witnesses have emerged since Moses’ trial who claim Moses admitted to them that he was responsible for Foster’s death.

U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, Breon Peace, said in a press release that Moses pleaded guilty to all charges in the indictment on Friday, making him “fully responsible” for “preying on women and girls, forcing them to become prostitutes, and then brutally murdering and dismembering one of his many victims.”

While the defendant’s full acknowledgment of guilt cannot undo the tremendous suffering he has inflicted, it is hoped that it may provide some closure to those who were the targets of the defendant’s severe cruelty and violence, including Ms. Foster’s family.

It was reported that Moses had seduced his victims under the guise of love and marriage, then forced them to work as prostitutes and give him all their earnings.
Moses allegedly used a taser to torment a prostitute who wanted to leave the business. He allegedly bathed another woman in lemon juice after she had been assaulted with a belt and had her limbs and back slit. She suffered severe scars as a result.

In another incident, an extension cord was used to beat a third woman, according to court filings. And when a fourth prostitute made it clear she no longer wanted to work, Moses supposedly put a shotgun to her head and made death threats against her and her baby.

Moses is facing life in prison in exchange for his guilty pleas.