Police Chief Steps Down as FBI Conducts Investigation

(NewsGlobal.com)- Just weeks after Caldwell, Idaho city officials confirmed that members of the police department were under investigation by the FBI, Police Chief Frank Wyant announced he is stepping down.

The FBI investigation centers on misconduct by both current and former members of the Street Crimes Unit, and according to the city, Chief Wyant is not among the officers under investigation.

According to local news reports, one woman interviewed by the FBI alleged that an officer from the Street Crimes Unit had sex with her in exchange for not arresting her for drug crimes. Another officer is being investigated for hitting a man while on duty.

But according to the City of Caldwell, Chief Wyant’s retirement has nothing to do with the ongoing FBI investigation. He will remain in his position until May 31.

Wyant has been with the Caldwell Police Department for three decades, starting as a patrol officer. He has also worked as a school resource officer, served on the SWAT team, and launched the department’s first K-9 unit. Wyant was appointed chief in 2015 after the retirement of Caldwell’s former Chief of Police, Chris Allgood.

In a press release announcing Wyant’s retirement, the city noted that during his time as chief, Caldwell’s crime rate decreased even as the population grew. The city boasted of the increase in community policing during Wyant’s tenure and added that the department’s clearance rate was “maintained at a high level.”

Chief Wyant has not been in the office for several weeks, but city officials declined to say if he had been placed on administrative leave. Whether he will return to the office before his official retirement date was not clear.

In his absence, Lt. Dave Wright said last week that he has been serving in a similar role and taking on some of the chief’s responsibilities, like speaking to the press and the public.