Political Leader Calls On Trudeau To Step Down

Former chief of staff and senator for Canada’s Liberal Party Percy Downe has urged the party to choose a new leader to succeed Justin Trudeau. In Downe’s opinion, a new leader is needed to preserve the programs Trudeau implemented and return the party to the political center. Recent research reveals the backing of Poilievre’s Conservative Party is hitting favorable numbers like the ones enjoyed by former Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s early administration.

The “Outcome Odds” for a Conservative majority government, according to a Federal @338Canada model, are 95%.

As Downe pointed out, the possibility for a Poilievre government arose because of the Trudeau government’s lack of budgetary management, and the damage done to the economy as a result is now reflected in the poll results. He added that moderate Liberal Party members hesitated to back Trudeau because they knew they couldn’t convince him to cut spending.

According to Downe, Trudeau may leave his position as party leader as soon as February 2024. In the same month in 1984, Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau, Trudeau’s father, announced he would not run for reelection. Conservatives led by Brian Mulroney won big in November of that year. If elections were conducted using the first-past-the-post system, Justin and the New Democratic Party (NDP) might win just enough seats to create a minority government.

To stay in power until the next election is required by law in 2025, the Liberal Party and the New Democratic Party (NDP) forged an informal coalition last year. But as Downe pointed out, the concerns for Justin Trudeau are: is that the best result for Canada, and is it the best result for Justin personally, given the divisions in our country?

By legalizing euthanasia and providing millions to pro-abortion groups, Trudeau has launched an offensive against pro-life Canadians. When Canadians expressed opposition to receiving COVID-19 vaccinations in 2021, he labeled them as anti-science, misogynistic, and racist.

The Trudeau Liberals have recently enacted two internet-related measures, C-18 and C-11, despite warnings from critics that they will stifle free expression and media rights. Additionally, the Trudeau administration is the only Canadian in recent memory to invoke emergency legislation.