Popular Website Blacklists Scientific Study For “Violating Terms Of Service”

(NewsGlobal.com)- A website that publishes non-peer reviewed studies, ResearchGate, blacklisted and removed a paper that found the unvaccinated people had a lower self-reported rate of hospitalizations compared with their vaccinated counterparts. The website claimed the study violated their terms of service, which demonstrated a slew of subjective and non-scientific criteria.

Contrary to the mainstream narrative surrounding hospitalizations and transmission rates, the researchers posited that unvaccinated people did not endure a greater burden on hospital systems as a result of their vaccination status. The limitations of the paper were clearly acknowledged as consisting of “self-reported data among self-selected individuals from around the world.”

Self-reporting data might represent a selective bias when conducting research, as only those willing to report are included in the study, which might not be representative of the larger population. Nevertheless, other outlets that criticized the study, such as The Daily Mail, publish studies that encounter this very same bias, like the frequency of campus sexual assault.

Just the News reported on obtained information from the study’s author, Robert Verkerk, founder of the Alliance for Natural Health International (ANHI). The website that removed their article claimed that they prohibit “broad, vague, irrelevant, untargeted, off-topic, or non-scientific content” and “potentially harmful or potentially dangerous content,” adding that they reserve the right to remove content.

The author wrote to ResearchGate, suggesting that their removal of their study was a result of pressure from mainstream media.

“I do understand you must have been under considerable pressure to remove the report once the findings were discussed by the mainstream media,” he wrote. “It’s yet another sad day for efforts to prevent open scientific discourse.”

The study comes after a barrage of others that have gone against the mainstream narrative surrounding vaccination against COVID-19.

One hushed and seldom reported study coming from the CDC itself last year showed that there was no record of COVID-19 being transmitted from those who are naturally immune. Another study suggested that the COVID-19 vaccine reduced the neutralization of antibodies against the Omicron variant.

The mainstream narrative has been crumbling for a long time.