Powerful Candidate Is Looking To Replace Squad Member Rashida Tlaib in Michigan

(NewsGlobal.com)- A Detroit small business owner last week announced that he would be running to replace Democrat Congressman Rashida Tlaib in Michigan’s heavily Democrat 12th congressional district.

Steven Elliott, a Marine veteran, posted a campaign announcement video on Twitter last Thursday where he vowed to stop the so-called “Squad.”

High-profile Democrats from solidly blue districts often get Republican challengers who siphon campaign money away from more competitive races. It happened in the 2020 Baltimore special election to replace the late Elijah Cummings when Republican Kimberly Klacik raked in millions from Republicans nationwide only to be roundly defeated by nearly fifty points by Democrat Kweisi Mfume.

Klacik came back to challenge Mfume again in November 2020. And while her viral videos helped her amass a campaign war chest of nearly $7 million, she was once again got spanked by Mfume, 71.6 to 28.

While Steven Elliott is sure to raise a lot of money from Republicans nationwide, at the end of the day, nationwide donors won’t be the ones voting in Michigan’s District 12.

Rashida Tlaib is an odious woman to be sure. But she won reelection in 2020 with nearly 80 percent of the vote.

Both parties launch quixotic campaigns against popular politicians that draw in loads of campaign contributions nationwide only to fail. Think Wendy Davis running against Governor Greg Abbott in Texas. Sure, Davis raked in oodles of cash from pro-abortion Democrats throughout the US. But at the end of the day, she was still running in Texas, and Texas voters weren’t buying what she was selling.

That isn’t to say Steven Elliott shouldn’t run against Rashida Tlaib. Have at it. But he will be facing impossible odds in a district that is overwhelmingly Democrat.