“Pride” Event Turns Inappropriate With Children Watching

(NewsGlobal.com)- Pride Month celebrations have taken place in cities all over the United States. Bizarre acts and weird antics have surfaced on social media, and a few videos reveal that kids were present.

A Pride parade attendee said they first realized they were gay at ten but added in the viral video that they were unclear about their gender.

When asked what they identified as, the person said, “I am genderqueer trans-masc and queer.” “Trans-masc are folks under the non-binary umbrella identifying, or presenting masculine.”


A second attendee said their sexuality is unidentified, and they identify as trans and use he/him pronouns.

The second person chimed in, “And I use he/they pronouns.”

So, so self-important they are. Their uniqueness makes them someone to be reckoned with, not to disappear in the binary masses.

In another video, a woman confessed that she was unsure of her identity, saying, “I don’t know. Gender-neutral or gender fluid. I think that’s what they said. I don’t know. I’m confused.”

Children attended events with a Pride theme, as evidenced in photos.

In one video, a grownup urged a young child to wave at males wearing women’s attire as other men passed by wearing speedos with tight bulges and rainbow-colored bottoms.

In another video, a drag queen stands atop an eggplant emoji float and announces, “We have genitals and lubrication,” in front of small children.

(The eggplant emoji debuted in 2010 and shortly became symbolic of a penis.)

In a different video, a young child can see half-naked guys dressed in BDSM bondage walk by whipping one another.

In one video, a parent seems to be pressuring her child to watch the Pride parade despite the kid’s protests.

Another video shows a drag queen lip-syncing while strolling on stage with a little child.

Additional videos demonstrate the presence of kids at a drag performance where several men stripped off and danced suggestively.

An article from the Los Angeles Daily News referred to the L.A. Pride music festival on Saturday as an “all-ages” occasion.

In addition to performing at the all-ages event on Saturday night, pop artist Christina Aguilera was photographed holding a green, jeweled phallus that she repeatedly stroked.