Putin Begs For No More Sanctions

(NewsGlobal.com)- Russian President Vladimir Putin has been relentless in his attacks against Ukraine. From bombing the biggest nuclear power plant in Europe to killing innocent civilians in apartment buildings, it almost seems as though Western sanctions on his country’s financial institutions aren’t working…

But they might be. Putin reportedly pleaded with the West last week to implement no more sanctions on his country, insisting that his country has no “ill intentions” towards Ukraine.

Putin made the comments on the Rossiya 24 news channel, a state-owned Russian news broadcaster, on Friday. He called on neighboring countries to start thinking about how to “normalize relations” with Russia, even as he continues his military bombardment of major Ukrainian cities.

“I want to emphasize once again, we have no ill intentions towards our neighbors, and I would advise them not to escalate the situation nor to introduce any restrictions,” he said.

The comments appeared to be a reference to sanctions, and also appeared to imply that he might be willing to take military action against NATO countries who choose to involve themselves militarily in the conflict.

“All our actions, if they arise, always arise exclusively in response to unfriendly actions against Russia,” he said, despite the fact that he initiated a literal invasion of Ukraine despite zero “unfriendly actions” towards Russia from the country.

Putin attempted to show strength during his comments, but it also appeared as though he was begging the West to stop crippling his nation’s economy with sanctions.

It’s not surprising, either, given that JPMorgan analysts predict that the Russian economy will contract by 35% in just the next quarter.

Things aren’t looking good for Russia…or for Ukraine, for that matter.