Putin Extends New Offer, But Refuses To Cave On “Security”

(NewsGlobal.com)- In a video statement released on Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that his country is open to diplomacy but that he will always put Russia’s national security interests first. He also vowed to continue strengthening his country’s military…on the same day that he ordered troops into Ukraine and begin the military invasion.

In the statement, which was released on the Defender of the Fatherland Day, Putin didn’t directly mention the growing tensions between his country and the West over his planned (and now executed) invasion of Ukraine. Nor did he directly mention the sanctions imposed on his country after he recognized the “independence” of Ukrainian regions Donetsk and Luhansk.

He did, however, send a message to Western leaders about what he is and is not willing to do.

“Our country is always open to a direct and honest dialogue and ready to search for diplomatic solutions to the most complication issued,” he said. “But I want to repeat that Russia’s interests and the security of our people are unconditional.”

Putin added that he will continue to “strengthen” and “modernize” both his army and Navy.

Putin also attempted to suggest that NATO posed a threat to his country, suggesting that the “military activities” of allied Western countries were a problem.

He also said that his country plans to build a system “based on equal and indivisible security that would reliable defend all countries” and complained that his appeals to Western leaders over such plans have been left “unanswered.”