Rand Paul ATTACKER Goes Free – D.C. Decision!

(NewsGlobal.com)- Senator Rand Paul, the libertarian Republican legislator for Kentucky, expressed his anger on Wednesday that Washington, D.C., has dropped charges against a man from Florida who was accused of punching a police officer who was protecting him in 2020.

Writing on Twitter, Paul slammed the decision to drop charges against Brennen Sermon, from Orlando, Florida, who was arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer who was protecting Paul and his wife from violent left-wing extremists. There is very clear video footage of the incident, too, showing police officers trying to use their bicycles to hold off the extreme left-wing crowd.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists shouted “Justice for Breonna Taylor!” and “Say her name!” at Paul, seemingly unaware that Paul introduced legislation to the Senate named after Taylor. The “Justice for Breonna Taylor Act” was designed to prevent no-knock warrants – but even that isn’t good enough for the left-wing mob.

“Surprise, surprise. DC government drops charges against the thug who attacked and injured a DC policeman (a policeman who protected Kelley and I from an angry mob),” Paul said on Twitter.

“And people wonder why violence is consuming our cities,” he added.

Good point.

D.C. court records show how the government dropped the charges on January 27 with a “nolle prosequi” notice. In Latin, the term means a “legal notice or entry of record” that the prosecutor has decided to abandon the charges. It remains unclear, however, why the charges were dropped.

Would this have happened if the protester was right-wing?

Given the way the January 6 protesters have been treated, the answer to that one is already pretty clear.