Rand Paul Warns US Not To Let Newsom Near The White House

With Gavin Newsom’s name being bandied about as a potential presidential contender in the event that Joe Biden drops out of the 2024 campaign, Senator Rand Paul warns Americans against letting Newsom near the Oval Office.

The Republican Senator from Kentucky made comments to an audience at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library addressing the origins of the coronavirus epidemic and Dr. Anthony Fauci’s mishandled response.  Regarding the Coronavirus lockdowns, Paul said we must never let ourselves be restricted again and that governments have no right to set foot in our houses of worship or educational institutions.  Defense of liberty requires ever-present alertness, and he will keep fighting.

A recall election against Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom of California might take place in November if a petition to remove him from office collects enough signatures to be placed on the ballot, according to reports.

Newsom was served with the necessary papers on February 23rd by Rescue California, the organization spearheading the recall movement in response to the governor’s national political aspirations and the state’s dire fiscal imbalance.

According to Anne Dunsmore, the director for Rescue California, Gavin Newsom has left behind a $73 billion budget imbalance and a crisis in public safety, illegal immigration, and education while he pursues his presidential dreams.

Dunsmore said that California needs a governor who is fully committed to addressing the constituents’ pressing concerns full-time, and it could be their last chance to save and rebuild the state.

To initiate a recall election, the number of signatures collected must equal 12% of the total voter turnout in the last gubernatorial election.  There is a May 2024 deadline to collect the necessary signatures, which amount to over 1.6 million, in order to have the initiative included on the November ballot. The initiative may keep collecting petitions for an upcoming election if it doesn’t manage to do so in time.