Reddit Bans “Groomer” To Describe Anyone They Like

( Reddit has, in their view, eliminated “hate speech” by prohibiting the word “groomer,” which refers to sexual predators who target youngsters by exposing them to sexually graphic content. In addition, the argument that being transgender is a mental disease was not allowed on the website. This was a controversial topic in mainstream psychology until quite recently. As a form of defiance, some users on social media have come up with the term “predditor” as an alternative to groomer.

The topic of children being exposed to sexually explicit content has received considerable attention on social media for the past year, notably the practice of children being taken to drag events, which leftists support.

In a recent piece, Slate argued that children are “mature enough” to comprehend “sexual innuendo” and that it is a “good thing” to expose children to drag performances.

People outraged by the left’s seeming desire to ruin the innocence of children rapidly adopted the word “groomer” as their preferred go-to term.

But now, the term “groomer” can no longer be used on Reddit because Reddit editors are protecting… well… groomers.

The far-left website, which interfered directly in the 2020 election by blacklisting its most significant community of pro-Trump users, says it is only banning the word if it is used to reference LGBT people. However, this will encompass a wide range of frequently criticized behavior, such as taking kids to drag shows and pride parades.

Alejandra Caraballo, a writer at Slate, expressed delight at the news and encouraged Twitter to follow suit. According to Caraballo, “Reddit is currently more proactive than Twitter.”

“Your move, @TwitterSafety,” the tweet said.

As a protest against censorship, members of Reddit and those who follow social media have begun posting under the hashtag #Predditor.

It is against the terms of the new Reddit community guidelines to “refer to being trans as a mental disease.” However, gender dysphoria is considered a disease by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Illnesses (DSM), the authoritative manual on mental disorders that is used as a reference by mental health practitioners all over the globe.