Reporter Asks if Biden Thought Questions About Judge Jackson Were Racist

( During a briefing with the White House press corps aboard Air Force One on Wednesday, Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked for President Biden’s reaction to the ongoing confirmation hearings of his SCOTUS nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson.

The narrative-seeking reporters began peppering Jean-Pierre with questions about whether President Biden thought the Republicans on the Judiciary Committee were being “racist” or “inappropriate.”

Jean-Pierre told reporters that the President watched some of Tuesday’s confirmation hearing and “he couldn’t be more proud of her intellect,” grace, character, and experience.

She said the president was also “impressed” that Jackson was able to dismantle “bad-faith conspiracy theories” that were fact-checked by “major media outlets and experts.”

The “bad-faith conspiracy theories” Jean-Pierre was talking about is the documented record of Ketanji Brown Jackson’s lenient sentencing of child sex predators and her support for Critical Race Theory.

Jean-Pierre even cited a PolitiFact fact-check that rated the claim that Jackson embraces critical race theory as “False.”

But one reporter, desperate for the White House to officially call Republican senators “racist,” was not satisfied. He piped up demanding to know if the President thought the questions themselves were racist.

Not wanting to go too far out on the limb, Jean-Pierre only reiterated that the president was proud of how Jackson did in her hearing, saying “I just told you he watched … he watched yesterday, and I just told you his reaction.”

Both Karine Jean-Pierre and the other Deputy Press Secretary Chis Meagher made a point of saying last week that President Biden watched some of Judge Jackson’s confirmation hearing and was impressed by her performance.

Problem is, during a brief Q&A with reporters on Monday, President Biden was asked if he had watched any of the confirmation hearings, and he said he didn’t get a chance to see any of it.

In other words, his press team was lying:

Jean-Pierre and Meagher were pretending the White House talking points about the hearings came from Joe Biden. They didn’t.