Reporter Asks If Biden’s Infection Was A Biological Attack

( During the White House press briefing last Wednesday, New York Post White House correspondent Steven Nelson asked co-press secretary John Kirby if the White House has ruled out the possibility that President Biden was deliberately exposed to COVID during his recent visit to Saudi Arabia.

President Biden tested positive for COVID just four days after returning from Saudi Arabia. Last Wednesday, Biden tested negative and quickly rushed to the Rose Garden to take a victory lap over COVID.

After his Wednesday Rose Garden victory lap, Nelson noted that the president began to show symptoms of COVID just four days after returning from Saudi Arabia, and asked Kirby if they had ruled out the possibility that the Saudi government “may have deliberately exposed the president.”

Considering that the White House was cagey about how the carefully-shielded Biden could have contracted the virus, you can understand why Nelson would ask.

After Biden tested positive, press secretary Karine Jean Pierre told reporters that it didn’t matter how or where the president was exposed to the virus.

Kirby told Nelson to refer that question to Jean Pierre because it was “out of my scope.”

When Nelson tried to follow up, Kirby dismissed the question saying he didn’t know “where this idea is coming from” or what prompted Nelson to ask it.

Kirby added that the very idea that a foreign country would try to deliberately infect the President “is just ludicrous, absolutely ludicrous.”

Kirby said such a question should be treated “as the ridiculous idea” that it is.

In other words, yes, the White House has ruled out the possibility that the Saudis infected old Joe.

Three days after taking his victory lap over beating COVID, President Biden once again tested positive for COVID.