Republican Investigators Are Not Allowed To See Pelosi’s Texts On January 6th

( House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is “off limits” when it comes to January 6 and we are not allowed to see her texts as it pertains to what occurred that day and the events leading up to it. The minority leader spoke to Fox News’ Hannity last week about the unfair and partisan process of the Select Committee.

McCarthy claimed that Republicans are handpicked by Pelosi and specially “okayed” by her. Earlier this year Pelosi had reportedly rejected Representatives Jim Banks of Indiana and Jim Jordan of Ohio saying that their conduct suggested they could not be trusted. They participated in echoing Trump’s “false claims of election fraud and joined their party’s efforts to challenge President Biden’s victory on January 6 and have opposed efforts to investigate the assault on the Capitol by Trump supporters,” according to the New York Times.

But Pelosi had readily sat RINOs Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, the former who said that losing her House seat is not as important as participating in the committee.

McCathy told Hannity that Pelosi herself is “off limits” when it comes to figuring out what occurred and why on January 6.

“Nancy Pelosi is off limits. We can’t know what Nancy Pelosi’s texts are. We can’t know what she said to the sergeant of arms, we can’t know what she said to the Capitol police officer. Shouldn’t the very first question be why was the Capitol ill-prepared that day?”

McCarthy then said that the results of the committee were already predetermined, so the process is actually illegitimate. The comments come after Cassidy Hutchinson, a former Trump administration aide, testified to the committee that she heard from Tony Ornato, the former deputy chief of staff of operations, that Trump assaulted a secret service agent and lunged at the steering wheel when he would not go back to the Capitol during the riot.

The secret service and Tony Ornato have denied the veracity of Hustchinson’s testimony, but the committee has asserted her credibility, making no effort to contact the secret service or Ornato who were willing to testify against her.