Republicans Are Getting Worried About Midterms

( There was a time not too long ago when it seemed all but a certainty that the Republican Party wouldn’t just make significant gains in this year’s midterm elections, but they would likely regain the majorities of both the House and Senate.

Recently, though, the tides seem to have changed, thanks to a number of different events that have happened, including the ongoing and escalating potential legal threats that former President Donald Trump is facing.

While Democrats are battling against out-of-control inflation and rising prices as a result, as well as many failures of President Joe Biden and his administration, they are receiving the benefit of Republicans having to deal with Trump’s legal exposure.

As The New York Times reported, many Republicans who appeared on weekend news shows last week didn’t defend Trump in the latest charade. Those who did decide to defend him indicated to the media outlets that they’d like to talk about something else.

Those interviews came only a few days after the redacted version of the affidavit that justified the FBI’s search of Trump’s estate at Mar-a-Lago showed that the former president had kept with him highly classified material. Some of that related to the use of “clandestine human sources” in intelligence gathering, as The Times reported.

The members of the GOP who were willing to speak of the entire ordeal were very quick to try to shift the focus. Missouri Senator Roy Blunt, for example, said that Trump “should have turned the documents over” when they were requested of him. But, he added on his appearance on ABC:

“What I wonder about is why this could go on for almost two years and, less than 100 days before the election, suddenly we’re talking about this rather than the economy or inflation or even the student loan program.”

Blunt certainly has a point there, but the fact is that the country is talking about this now because it’s what’s right in front of them. The FBI allegedly found many classified documents at Trump’s estate, and it’s not just a problem for the former president; it’s proving to be a headache, at the very least, for members of the GOP who are looking to win seats in Congress come November.

Some Republicans are very concerned that Trump’s ongoing legal issues are going to have a big negative effect on the GOP’s chances to regain control of at least one chamber of Congress come November — as well as other major gubernatorial elections around the country.

One of those people is New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, who said while appearing on CNN:

“Former President Trump has been out of office for going on two years now. You think this is a coincidence just happening a few months before the midterm elections?”

Democrats haven’t done much right in those nearly two years, as many voters would have responded just a few months ago. Now, though, it’s very possible their thoughts have changed, thanks to the former leader of the GOP facing mounting legal troubles that have been suspiciously timed by liberal leaders.