Ron DeSantis Calls In Investigators Over GoFundMe’s Possibly Illegal Stunt

( Popular Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis just announced this his administration will be taking action against GoFundMe, the left-wing online fundraising platform that recently refunded more than $9 million in donations originally intended for the patriotic Freedom Convoy truckers in Canada.

DeSantis pledged on Saturday to launch an investigation into the fundraising platform after it first announced that the money would be redirected to various charities instead of given to the stated recipients of the funds. The platform soon walked back the claim after facing intense public backlash and chose to refund the money to all donors instead.

Following the platform’s decision to refund the money, DeSantis announced that his state’s Attorney General Ashley Moody would investigate the decision. He even claimed that appropriating $9 million in donations and giving it to causes of their own choosing instead constitutes fraud.

Which is…true. And presumably why the platform quickly changed its mind.

Attorney General Moody retweeted DeSantis’ post and said that she is “sick and tired of corporations imposing their political will on unsuspecting consumers.”

As always, she said, she would work with the governor to “ensure Floridians are protected.”

Compare that to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s reaction, and the difference is quite remarkable. The Canadian head of government slammed the truckers as an “extreme fringe” and is refusing to hear out working-class protesters demanding that vaccine mandates be lifted in the country.