Ron DeSantis’ Gerrymander Scheme Is Helping Republicans

( In a snarky, sarcastic video for the website FiveThirtyEight, senior elections analyst Nathaniel Rakich explains why Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ “gerrymandering” of the state’s congressional map is the “deadliest creature” to make its home in Florida.

Unless Nathaniel Rakich made a similar video about the gerrymandering map from Democrat-led Illinois, you can chalk this up as the usual anti-Republican bias.

Only Democrats are permitted to use their majorities to benefit themselves in redistricting, don’t you know.

Rakich recounts how the current Florida congressional map came about, specifically noting that it is the creation of Ron DeSantis alone after he vetoed the map approved by the Republican-led legislature.

Rakich is upset, you see.

The 2020 census already gave Florida an additional House seat, and Ron DeSantis’ map makes Florida even redder.

For DeSantis, the new map is a huge win, Rakich explains. Not only does he secure a major political victory in the state, but he can also boast how Florida singlehandedly secured more Republican seats to the House than any other state.

Rakich repeats the claim that the DeSantis-drawn map is racist because it got rid of a northern Florida seat currently held by a black Democrat. Rakich believes blacks in northern Florida can’t have a “voice” in Congress unless their congressman has the same skin color.

You can watch his video HERE.