Ron DeSantis’ Latest Law Is Already Helping Immigration Problem In His State

Florida’s sweeping immigration law that took effect on July 1 is reportedly prompting some illegal immigrants to leave the state, CBS News reported.

The law, which includes no longer recognizing other states’ driver’s licenses issued to illegal aliens, was signed by Governor Ron DeSantis in May.

The law also allocated $12 million to transport illegals out of Florida to other states, imposes harsh penalties on businesses hiring illegals, and requires hospitals accepting Medicaid to confirm immigration status on patient forms.

Yvette Cruz of the Farmworkers Association of Florida told CBS News that some migrant workers were already quitting construction and farming jobs before the law took effect, and this will likely increase after July 1.

One illegal alien farmworker in Florida told CBS News that she recently got injured falling off of a truck at work but was afraid to seek medical care out of fear that she would have to reveal her immigration status.

NBC News reporter Guad Venegas warned on Instagram last week that the immigration law taking effect on July 1 would mean a crackdown on companies hiring illegal aliens. Venegas said the law would make life for illegals in Florida “much harder.”

Venegas said there had been reports that some illegals were leaving Florida, however, a few of the illegals he spoke to said they would try to stay in the state and “figure it out.”

During a recent campaign rally, Governor DeSantis said the United States would not have the problem of illegal immigration if there weren’t “a lot of people” facilitating it.

According to the Florida Policy Institute, an estimated 10 percent of Florida workers in labor-intensive industries are illegal aliens.

More than 200 laws signed by Governor DeSantis during the previous legislative session, including laws on education, gun rights, and abortion restrictions, went into effect on July 1.