Ron DeSantis Releases Video Showing People In Democrat States Fleeing To Florida

( Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis is taking a victory lap after huge numbers of New Yorkers fled the city and the state for Florida in recent years. A brand new ad from Governor DeSantis highlights the huge number of people who have left the North-eastern region of the United States over rising taxes and Democratic rule.

The video was filmed over Spring Break on New Smyrna Beach. It encourages people watching to “Vote Free” and “Be Free,” and includes an animated image of the popular Republican governor wearing aviator sunglasses.

One woman in the video says, “I’m a New Yorker, and now I’m living in Florida.”

Another New Yorker was asked why they left, to which she said, “I think we’re pretty much at the bottom.”

The campaign ad then cuts to photographs of far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez drinking a cocktail in December when she paid a visit to mask-free and mandate-free Florida.

DeSantis is running a re-election campaign in Florida that even Democrats in the state think is a done deal.

With so many people leaving Democrat-run states for Florida, it’s hard to imagine that the people of Florida would want to turn their liberty-loving state into the kind of overtaxed and over-governed states that people are fleeing.

That’s not to say New York is bad, of course. The people of New York are great, the state is beautiful, and the Democrats are doing a grave injustice to the residents of the state.

Take a look at the ad for yourself: