Ron DeSantis Requests Probe Of Handling Of Medical Mandates

( The Florida Supreme Court granted DeSantis’ request for a grand jury investigation on Thursday, paving the way for what his office described as an investigation into “wrongdoing committed against Floridians related to the COVID-19 vaccine.”

The request was first made during a roundtable discussion the governor of Florida held last week, during which he criticized federal COVID-19 guidance as being a “huge political farce” and denounced what he saw as the morality being linked to pandemic mitigation strategies such as staying at home during the early stages of the outbreak and getting vaccinated once the shots became available later.

DeSantis questioned the ability of the COVID-19 vaccines to stop the spread of the virus in his petition, as well as public pronouncements made by leaders like President Biden and outgoing Chief White House Medical Advisor Anthony Fauci.

No vaccine is 100% effective, as previously stated by doctors and researchers, but research consistently demonstrates that coronavirus vaccines provide recipients with strong enough protection to fend off serious illness, hospitalization, and even death.

“It is difficult to believe that this viewpoint was reached independently by so many influential people. Instead, it’s more likely that those with a financial incentive to do so created these perceptions, according to DeSantis’ petition.

According to public health specialists and medical professionals, DeSantis’ strategy for examining the vaccines was flawed and counterproductive to advancing public health.

DeSantis “appears to be focused on creating fear around vaccines that are safe and effective,” according to Brian Castrucci, president and CEO of public health organization the de Beaumont Foundation, rather than defending Floridians’ lives.

Castrucci continued by saying that these vaccines have undergone the most testing and scrutiny of any vaccine (citation needed), and they still manage to save lives. “It endangers lives to try to make vaccine safety a partisan issue,” he said.

The American Public Health Association executive director, Georges Benjamin, said that “his understanding of the facts, or at least his articulation of the facts, is just wrong.” “It’s a completely new technology. Like with any novel technology, you make predictions about what might occur. Contrary to what most people expected, it was much better.”

A rare side effect of the mRNA vaccine, myocarditis, is more prevalent in young male patients. The ACIP and the CDC have previously concluded that the advantages of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines outweigh the risks of myocarditis and pericarditis, an inflammation of the muscles surrounding the heart.

People with myocarditis beg to differ.