Ron DeSantis Says Men Can’t Get Pregnant

( Last week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis stated the blazingly obvious, and naturally, the shrieking lunatics on the Left lost their minds.

During a press event in Putnam County, Florida last Thursday, Governor DeSantis pointed out the absurdity of some of the things people in Washington are saying, asking if we couldn’t all agree that only women, and not men, get pregnant.

The plainspoken governor noted how unbelievable some of the things the Left is saying.

DeSantis was referencing a particularly bizarre exchange between Missouri Senator Josh Hawley and a UC Berkeley law professor during a Senate hearing last week.

During the hearing, the smug, self-satisfied professor accused Hawley of being “transphobic” after he asked her why she used the phrase “people with a capacity for pregnancy” instead of just saying “women.”