Ron DeSantis Takes On Media Trying To Make Florida Appear To Struggle With “Neo-Nazis”

( Popular Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently hit back at smear campaigns from left-wing media outlets, slamming the small number of neo-Nazi protesters who turned out in Orlando and Orange County recently as “jackasses.”

DeSantis addressed stories about the two small gatherings of real neo-Nazis – not conservatives – and hit back at leftists and Democrats who are “trying to use this as some type of political issue to try to smear me as if I had something to do with that.”

“We’re not playing that game,” DeSantis said.

Isn’t it funny how the Democrats want to paint Republicans as neo-Nazis, but hate it when anyone points out that they inspired the 2020 Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots?

DeSantis said in a press conference that the neo-Nazi “jackasses” protesting in the street will be “held accountable” by law enforcement “because they were doing stuff on the overpass.”

He then hit out at Democrats who have wrongly labeled him a Nazi, despite their own horrible history of promoting anti-Semitism.

DeSantis said that he won’t be lectured to by members of a political party that has elevated anti-Snites like Ilhan Omar to Congress. He noted that Omar not only “played footsie with BDS” but even “cavorted with Farrakhan.”

While condemning the Nazis in the strongest manner possible, DeSantis made it clear that he won’t be kowtowing and he won’t be begging for forgiveness as Democrats wrongly accuse him of being a Nazi.

Will this smear ever get old?