Royal Speech Writer Wants Prince Harry Stripped Of Titles

( The first two statesmen of world diplomacy are saluted! Let us marvel at their knowledge and beg for their life guidance. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited the UN this week to honor Nelson Mandela International Day.

Who better to honor a guy who spent 27 years in jail than a Prince who escaped royal palaces, adoring audiences, and unbelievable luxury?

Harry and Meghan haven’t always irked Clare Foges, a speechwriter. Nonsense, she says. This poised, gorgeous woman would be a tremendous asset for the UK, another Kate Middleton to amaze people worldwide.

She pondered working for the royal couple.

Late in 2019, she spoke with a top courtier about preparing Duke and Duchess addresses. Though they were already receiving criticism, she believed their image might be improved and wanted to help.

She would have urged Harry and Meghan to be more humble, choose unfashionable causes above trendy ones, and learn a royal skill without a thousand cameras shining on expensive clothes. She would have reminded them that they are national servants, not superstars.

But then came Megxit, Foges says, and all the unflattering stories that followed: the criticism that by agreeing to do a documentary for Netflix (makers of The Crown), they had been ‘disloyal and rude’; the ‘tell-all’ interviews that slurred that everyone thought Harry loved; the racism accusations that trashed the whole of Great Britain.

Harry and Meghan wanted solitude, right?

Unfortunately, they lack privacy. They’re like Japanese knotweed in public life: pervasive, annoying, and hard to eradicate. We’ve seen Oprah cry, James Corden laugh, numerous ‘at home’ footage of the marriage, and soon a Netflix documentary series, part of a $100m agreement.

God bless the speechwriters, including at the UN. Harry said, ‘ climate change is wreaking devastation on our globe, with the most vulnerable suffering most.’

Such statements would have more meaning if he didn’t generate more carbon dioxide than a small Polynesian nation. In two years, the pair enjoyed 21 private jet journeys. Last year, they pleaded for a green revolution at Global Citizen Live in New York, then flew home on a private plane. After the Platinum Jubilee, they flew back to California on a Bombardier Global 6000, emitting 60 tons of CO2.

They’re like Kim Kardashian preaching about humility. A good bet is that the Sussexes use ‘carbon offsets’ to reduce their carbon impact (and good on them if they are). Even if they are, all this private jet travel is unattractive.

The couple’s worry about poverty would be less annoying if they were less wealthy. Meghan wore a £1,255 Givenchy skirt and £1,195 Mulberry purse to the UN; she subsequently wore a £4,000 jumpsuit to Robert De Niro’s restaurant, where lamb chops were $52 (£43). Please include mint sauce.

The disparity between how they live and preach is irritating. They don’t need to buy at Lidl and wear sackcloth to have an opinion. They don’t need to buy at Lidl or wear sackcloth. Harry and Meghan enjoy the acclaim without William and Kate.

If they want to be cut-rate Bonos, great, but don’t mention the British Royal Family.