Russian Soldier Found Dead After Trying To Escape Draft

( A Russian conscript was found dead after trying to escape the draft. He tried escaping through a window using rope made of bed sheets, according to Russian outlet Gazeta.Ru, Newsweek reported. The outlet said that the conscript died while trying to escape the building in the far eastern Sakha region, also known as Yakutia.

Reports of the death say that the conscript was waiting to be sent to a military unit. “Yes, there was an accident at night—a man at the assembly point fell to his death by falling out of the window,” an unnamed source told Russian state outlet TASS.

An investigation was reportedly ordered following the man’s death, which is not the only example of conscripts found dead after Putin ordered more troops in the war.

The death follows an announcement made by Russian President Vladimir Putin last month, in which he partially mobilized 300,000 reservists after experiencing heavy defeats in Ukraine. Russia’s offense in Ukraine has weakened, leading Putin to mobilize reservists after Ukraine began to recapture territories that were taken by Russia early on in the war.

Russia reportedly annexed 15% of Ukraine and issued a dire warning to the West, saying that any attack on those territories will be seen as an attack on Russia, adding that the West was the first to set the precedent for nuclear weapons.

Earlier in the war, Russia reportedly seized the city of Kharkiv, with a population of 1.4 million, but Ukraine has since taken most of the district back after launching a counterattack in September. However, the city is still experiencing shelling from Russia aerial strikes.

A 27-year-old Russian rapper, who opposed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, was another casualty of the war after he allegedly killed himself by jumping from a high-rise after being drafted to fight in the war, according to TMZ.

Walkie reportedly posted a video where he said, “If you are watching this video, then I am no longer alive. I can’t take the sin of murder on my soul and I don’t want to. I am not ready to kill for any ideals.”

“I choose to remain in history forever,” he continued. “As a man who did not support what was happening I am not ready to take up arms and kill my own kind.”

Walkie reportedly served in the Russian Army previously and despised the experience, trying to get a deferment because of mental illness, which was denied by the Russian military.