Russian Troops Capture Stash Of High-End NATO Weapons in Ukraine

( Russian troops have reportedly captured a number of anti-tank weapons supplied by NATO countries. The news comes as Russian forces continue to advance through Eastern Ukraine, capturing cities along the way. On Sunday, troops from the Donetsk People’s Republic were supported by Russian troops in capturing SMAW-D anti-tank weapons that were manufactured in the United States and supplied to Ukraine to help stop the Russian forces from advancing.

Video footage from Patrick Lancaster, a war correspondent who is reporting from the frontline and is embedded with Russian troops, shows the captured weapons. They also include a NLAW anti-tank gun, which is manufactured in the United Kingdom.

A photograph was also published by the Russian Department of Defense which shows Russian troops also in possession of several FGM-148 Javelin guided anti-tank launchers, which are made in the United States.

It’s a worrying sign that the Ukrainian military is struggling to hold back Russian forces, and is not only losing lives but essential military equipment as well.

The footage is pretty incredible, and journalist Patrick Lancaster does a great job of explaining precisely what they are, where they were captured, and why it’s important.

You can see him surrounded by Russian forces who are removing the equipment as he speaks.

The Ukrainian government has been purchasing anti-tank weapons from the United States for many years, while others have been donated in the wake of increased Russian presence on the border just ahead of the full-scale invasion that was launched last week.