Sam Elliott Apologizes To People Hurt By His Comment About Movie

( After receiving blowback from the online outrage mob over his criticism of the film “Power of the Dog,” actor Sam Elliott offered a groveling apology in hopes that the mob would be placated.

These people never learn.

During Deadline’s Contenders TV panel on Sunday, Elliott said he felt terrible about the comments he made about the film and its director Jane Campion.

During a March 1 interview on Marc Maron’s “WTF Podcast,” Elliott had called “Power of the Dog” a “piece of sh*t.” He compared the cowboys in the movie to Chippendale dancers saying they all run around in “chaps and no shirts.” Elliott added that the film contained “all these allusions to homosexuality.”

Elliott went on to say that Jane Campion is a brilliant director and he loved her other films but questioned whether a woman from New Zealand could know anything about the American West.

The thin-skinned Campion was not amused, nor were the usual suspects who set their hair whenever outrage is ginned up on social media.

Campion claimed Elliott’s remarks were a “trifecta” of misogyny, xenophobia, and homophobia. Calling him a “little bit of a b-i-t-c-h,” Campion pointed out that Sam Elliott isn’t a real cowboy, “he’s an actor.”

Rather than ignore the ginned-up outrage, Elliott caved.

Explaining that he didn’t articulate himself well, Elliott apologized if he said anything that hurt people’s feelings “and I feel terrible about that.”

Then, like everyone who grovels to the mob, Elliott offered his profession of support for gays, saying, “The gay community has been incredible to me my entire career.” He apologized for offending his gay friends and “anyone else” who was hurt by his remarks.

Elliott then pointed out that he did call Jane Campion a brilliant director as if that would placate the mob.

He then added, “Don’t do a podcast with the call letters WTF.”