Sean Hannity Ambushes Lauren Boebert On Live TV

( Support for Kevin McCarthy has been solid in the Republican Party, with figures such as former Vice President Mike Pence, former President Trump, and even Fox News host Sean Hannity. When Rep. Lauren Boebert spoke to Hannity after a series of failed votes for McCarthy, she was ambushed, interrupted, and criticized by the host, according to The Gateway Pundit.

It was after the third time McCarthy did not get the majority of the vote that Boebert spoke to Hannity. Since 1923, this would be the first time a speaker failed to get elected on the first round of votes. 20 conservatives voted against the popular pick and put their support behind Rep. Jim Jordan, who ultimately declined the role and himself supported McCarthy.

McCarthy continued to lose the vote despite support from President Trump who urged Republicans to stop playing a “dangerous game.” Fox News reportedly felt the same way as Hannity jumped to McCarthy’s defense.

Hannity saw the 20 conservatives as leading a rebellion against the majority of the party and asked who Boebert would pick that would get the needed 218 votes. But through the host’s interruptions, Boebert tried to explain that it is the job of the party to deliberate together on a candidate they can rally behind. But Hannity continued to press her.

“I am willing to have conversations with the Republican conference to come up with a consensus candidate. We are offering people right now,” she said, adding that conservatives were threatened as a result of their challenge. But Hannity interrupted her again, asking whether or not she will withdraw.

“I will not withdraw,” Boebert asserted.

Conservative commentator ALX tweeted that the party should have chosen a candidate that can garner the necessary votes “instead of acting like Kevin McCarthy was entitled to the Speakership.”

McCarthy did go on to win the speakership as the vote threshold was lowered when Gaetz and others voted “present.”