Secret Communications Shows Problems With Defense Department

( A newly unearthed email from The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to a Georgia Tech researcher with the subject line “Mueller case” sheds doubt on DARPA’s claims after it spent weeks denying concerns about its collaboration with Russia hoax-connected researchers.

It was revealed last month that Special Counsel John Durham’s office was investigating the Democrat National Committee hack, based on an email exchange received from Georgia Tech through a Right-to-Know request. Manos Antonakakis, the Georgia Tech researcher dubbed “Researcher-1” in the special counsel’s charge of former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann, wrote the email immediately after being interrogated by one of Durham’s top prosecutors.

Sussmann was charged by the special counsel’s office with lying to the FBI’s general counsel James Baker last autumn when he gave Baker data and white papers allegedly proving the existence of a covert communications network between the Trump campaign and the Russia-based Alfa Bank.

The Georgia Tech researchers, Manos Antonakakis and David Dagon, were obtaining and analyzing Internet data in conjunction with a prospective federal government cybersecurity research contract, according to the Sussmann indictment.

DARPA was the source of the federal contract, with Georgia Tech receiving more than $17 million for the ‘Rhamnousia’ project. Rhamnousia (Also known as Nemesis) is the mythological Greek goddess of divine vengeance.

The special counsel’s office subpoenaed Antonakakis and Dagon as part of its investigation into Sussmann and eventually gave Dagon immunity. Antonakakis spoke with the special counsel after being assured he was only considered a witness.

After speaking with the special counsel’s office, Antonakakis told Georgia Tech’s general counsel that he was asked by lead prosecutor Andrew DeFilippis if he believed DARPA should be instructing him to investigate the identity of the hacker (Guccifer 2.0) who hacked the DNC. Antonakakis’ email showed he told DeFilippis that it was a question for DARPA’s director.
DARPA, on the other hand, denied any role in efforts to attribute the DNC attack.
According to reports, Jared Adams, DARPA’s head of communications said that Antonakakis worked on DARPA’s Enhanced Attribution program, which did not entail an investigation of the DNC attack. He also noted DARPA was not involved in efforts to attribute Guccifer 2.0’s identity, nor any role in efforts to attribute the origin of the emails delivered to Wikileaks.

However, reports of another email may tell a different story. An email Chris Schneck of DARPA’s Information Innovation Office wrote to Antonakakis on September 25, 2018, had the subject line, “Mueller case.” That and Schneck’s “excellent work” closing imply the DARPA-funded Georgia Tech researcher was supporting Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

If Manos Antonakakis and DARPA were not working with Robert Mueller to solve the DNC hacking case, then what else were they doing for him?