Secret Service Is Ready To Discredit January 6th “Witness”

( The then-President Donald Trump didn’t grab for the wheel in his limousine after his rally on January 6 that followed the attack at the U.S. Capitol, according to Secret Service officials who are ready to testify in court.

NBC News Chief White House Correspondent Peter Alexander tweeted on Tuesday that a source close to the Secret Service told him both Bobby Engel, the lead agent, and the presidential limousine/SUV driver are prepared to testify under oath that neither man was assaulted and that Mr. Trump never lunged for the steering wheel.

John Santucci, the executive producer of ABC News, tweeted that a New Source close to the Secret Service tells ABC News chief justice correspondent Pierre Thomas to expect the Secret Service to push back against any allegation of an assault against an agent or President Trump reaching for the steering wheel.

Trump allegedly sought to seize control of the vehicle as his motorcade was being driven to the White House, according to Cassidy Hutchinson, a former senior advisor to Mark Meadows, the chief of staff for the Trump White House. She testified before a House select committee on Tuesday. Trump had just announced to rallygoers that he would be joining them at the Capitol, where Congress was convening to recognize Joe Biden as the presidential election winner formally.

According to Hutchinson’s testimony, the president first believed they were traveling to the Capitol when he climbed into the car with Bobby Engel, the head of his security detail.

Hutchinson said that Tony Ornato said Engel told Trump they weren’t going to the Capitol. They didn’t have the resources to accomplish it, and it’s not secure. He said they were returning to the West Wing.

Hutchinson claimed that the president’s reaction to that was extraordinarily forceful and full of rage.

“I’m the F-ing president,” Trump reportedly said. “Bring me to the Capitol!”

“Sir, we must go back to the West Wing,” Bobby retorted.

Hutchinson claimed the president reached up and grabbed the steering wheel.

“Sir, you need to remove your hand off the wheel,” Mr. Engel replied, grabbing his arm. “We are returning to the West Wing. We won’t be visiting the Capitol.”

This “compelling” testimony has put Trump-haters on the edge of their seats.

It sounds like a lost scene from Team America to any sane person. “F*** Ya!”

Hutchinson continued by saying when Secret Service agent Tony Ornato told her the scenario, he pointed to his clavicles and said Mr. Trump then lunged at Bobby Engel with his free hand.

According to CBS News Congressional Correspondent Scott MacFarlane, the Secret Service said it would address Hutchinson’s claim of the alleged incident in which Trump allegedly attempted to grasp the steering wheel.

The United States Secret Service stated that it has been working with the Select Committee since its formation in the spring of 2021 and that it would keep doing so by speaking with the Committee about the further charges revealed in today’s hearing.