Senator Murkowski Lied About Voting To Protect Gun Rights

( After running ads on Facebook highlighting her beliefs on safeguarding the Second Amendment, Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska ultimately voted in favor of gun control legislation.

In the weeks following Murkowski’s vote to increase background checks, she promoted fundraising advertisements that attacked Democrats and President Joe Biden for safeguarding the Second Amendment.

One of the advertisements claimed, “LISA REQUIRES YOUR ASSISTANCE.”
It says that Democrats want to strip you of your constitutional right to keep and bear guns. Does it ask if you can join her in standing up to the far-left radicals to safeguard our rights under the Second Amendment?

A second advertisement featuring a photograph of Biden included the headline “THIS CAN’T WAIT.” It warned that the most extreme left members want to do away with the Second Amendment. They wish to strip you of your rights, and we must prevent this.

The despicable Murkowski cast her vote with enough establishment Republicans to approve gun control legislation a few weeks after the commercials were published.

It was essential that Senator Murkowski cast her vote in order for the Democrats to overcome the filibuster barrier of 60 votes, which would have prevented them from adopting the bill.

After conceding to the New York Times that she “may not be re-elected,” Murkowski has now reversed her position on the importance of safeguarding the Second Amendment.

“It may be that Alaskans say, ‘Nope, we want to go with an absolute, down-the-line, always, always, 100-percent, never-question, rubber-stamp Republican,'” she said about her Trump-endorsed opponent Kelly Tshibaka, who is currently in the lead in the polls.
It may be that Alsakns are sick of a liar.

Murkowski is only one of several establishment Republicans in Congress who can brag about the backing of the establishment in Washington, DC.

Murkowski received the endorsement of Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who is a Republican but is opposed to policies that put America First. It is uncertain how practical an endorsement from McConnell will be. McConnell is the Republican Senator with the lowest approval rating.

In April, Mitch McConnell remarked about one of his colleagues that “she is one of the few sort of moderates in the middle of the Senate. We will put in as much effort as possible to ensure that she is successful.”

The primary election for Alaska’s Republican party will take place on August 16.