Service Members Seek Revenge Over Forced Mandates

The United States has been on a slow cultural and economic decline for years. While many politicians have attempted to claim that the “American Dream” has been alive and well in modern times, the reality is that this is untrue. Economically, the nation’s manufacturing power has been gutted since the 1970s, and after the creation of NAFTA in the mid-1990s, the nail was placed in the coffin for many manufacturing industries in the country. Tariffs were reduced and American corporations were incentivized to move production outside the country to access cheap labor as tariffs were reduced. As a consequence, millions of good paying, stable, working class jobs were lost and continue to be lost by the thousands in the present day. Inflation continues to crush the middle class, and home ownership appears nearly impossible for median income families as prices have skyrocketed.

Culturally, the country has been engulfed in a cold cultural conflict for decades as conservatives and progressives have battled. Leftists have been successful in completely transforming the traditional American culture over the last several decades, promoting LGBTQ rhetoric, modern feminism, open border immigration and criminal “reform” policies that have completely destroyed the nuclear family and destabilized communities everywhere. Ultimately, the country is in serious trouble, and with tens of thousands of illegal migrants entering the nation through the open southern border on a daily basis, the historic nature of American culture is at risk of being completely destroyed.

The many problems facing the country and the undeniable incompetence and corruption of an overbearing federal government continue to hinder people from serving in the military. In the COVID-19 pandemic, servicemembers were discharged for refusing to receive the controversial vaccine (mandated by the government). Now, 231 of them are demanding that high ranking military officials be court-martialed for tyrannical actions which occurred previously and are occurring in the present. They pledged to stop the military from being “destroyed from within”.