She Loved “Serial Killers” So Much That She Tried To Become One 

( The video from the police bodycam shows the moment a mother fascinated with serial killers and who killed her off-again, on-again boyfriend was arrested as she stood by her front door smoking a cigarette. She has been sentenced to life in prison for her crimes.

According to the Winchester Crown Court, Shaye Groves, 27, was given a sentence for the murder of Frankie Fitzgerald, 25, which she committed in July 2022 by slitting his neck and stabbing his chest seventeen times. 

According to a report, Groves can be seen in the video published by Hampshire Police still smoking the cigarette in her kitchen as she is informed that she is being detained on suspicion of murder.

Throughout the five-week trial, it was revealed that Groves attempted to present herself as Fitzgerald’s abuse victim and planned her alibi using information gleaned from real crime movies. 

A close childhood friend who spoke anonymously revealed the red flags that should have been raised about Groves. Throughout Groves’s upbringing, she had a close friend named Lauren White, whom she called “Chucky” after a killer doll from a horror movie.  

The anonymous ex-friend said they used to hang out together, and Shaye was a very peculiar person. The way she dressed and the things she was interested in made her very unusual.  

In recent years, Groves had not been very outgoing and had spent much time with White and Vikki Baitup.  White is the one with who Groves spent the most time. 

Baitup is the one who reported Groves to the authorities after video calling her and showing her Fitzgerald’s corpse. 

According to reports, Groves had framed images of serial murderers and displayed them on her walls. She also collected books on gangsters and notable prisoners and watched programs about crimes.

The Deputy Chief Inspector for the Hampshire Police, Rod Kenny, stated that he was relieved that the jury came to the proper conclusion, and the sentence will guarantee that Groves serves a substantial portion of her time behind bars as punishment for what she has done.