Sidney Powell Was Asked By Trump’s Team To Intervene In Election Outcome

( The leaker from the January 6 select committee struck again last week, supplying CNN with a series of text messages between former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and Republican Senator Mike Lee and between Meadows and Republican Congressman Chip Roy.

The text messages show that both Lee and Roy were making suggestions for legal and constitutional methods of challenging the electoral college votes in several states.

They also revealed that both Lee and Roy flatly opposed the crazier ideas that were floating around and the January 6 riot itself. But that wasn’t the part that the American corporate media focused on.

The text messages aren’t all from January 6. In one text from November 7, Senator Lee told Mark Meadows that attorney Sidney Powell was trying to see the president but is being kept away. Lee explains that Powell claimed to have a strategy to “put several states back in play,” and asked Meadows if he could help her see the president.

Meadows texted back telling Mike Lee that Powell was working on that strategy “at the president’s request” but added, “she’s being kept out.”

Lee then texted Meadows two days later saying Powell had told him Trump’s campaign lawyers were “obstructing the process.” In his text, Lee described Powell as a “straight shooter.”

However, after Sidney Powell hijacked a campaign press conference on November 19 to float her nutty claims, Mike Lee had a change of heart.

He texted Meadows that day expressing his concern about her remarks in the press conference. He told Meadows that there was a significant “potential defamation liability” for the Trump campaign and Trump personally “unless Powell can back up everything she said, which I kind of doubt she can.”

Meadows told Senator Lee that he too was concerned about it.

Like many others, Lee told Meadows he was concerned that Powell jumping the shark may be a “temptation” to stop looking into election fraud and “do nothing for now.”

When Meadows told him doing nothing isn’t “a good option,” Lee reiterated that unless Sidney Powell can “immediately substantiate what she said today,” President Trump should “disassociate himself” from her and refute all unsubstantiated claims.

Senator Lee warned that if Trump didn’t do that, as someone with “deep pockets,” Trump would be opening himself up to lawsuits.

While the media has tried to portray Mike Lee as being involved in the so-called “insurrection,” the text messages leaked don’t back that up.