Singer Kelly Rowland Scolds Cannes Security Guard

At the opening of the French film Marcello Mio in Cannes, 43-year-old singer Kelly Rowland wore a dramatic red gown that showed off her curvy figure. The gown’s loose neckline drew attention to her large bust. 

Photos from Tuesday’s Film Festival show actress/singer Rowland seemingly scolding a security officer as she walks the red carpet. Tension arose when the security guard took Rowland’s arm to guide her into the venue. She became enraged and pointed a scolding finger at the lady in front of the onlookers.

She continued her rage as she hurried up the stairs to the theater.

The angry star also had a contentious incident in February when she departed on bad terms from an appearance on the Today Show.

Kelly allegedly let Rita Ora jump in at the last minute when she bowed out of co-hosting the Today program with Hoda Kotb due to her dissatisfaction with her dressing area.

According to insiders, Rowland’s assistants were unable to get a new dressing room for Rowland since Jennifer Lopez was already using the better one.

Hoda seemed to back the dressing room alibi when she invited Rowland to use her dressing room the next time she appeared on the program.

The insider said that Rowland’s departure was caused by the show’s dressing rooms—described as “dumpy, glorified closets”—and two separate individuals said that the problem had nothing to do with Beyonce.

Another inside source, however, informs that the real reason is that Kelly ‘felt disrespected’ when Guthrie asked her a series of questions about her friend and former bandmate Beyoncé instead of promoting the singer’s new film Mea Culpa.

Savannah’s harsh question about Beyoncé irritated Kelly. She and her crew harbored a lot of hate and disdain.

Rowland and her team have reportedly refused to do interviews that touch on Beyoncé or Destiny’s Child, according to the source, because “she wants to leave that behind” and focus on her career now.