Soros’ Backed DA Becomes Victim Of Armed Carjacking

Jason Williams, the Soros-backed district attorney of New Orleans, was carjacked by two armed men as he accompanied his mother, aged 78, to his vehicle.

Williams’ weak stance on criminal prosecution has come back to haunt Williams and his innocent mother.

The carjacking victim originally ran for district attorney of New Orleans in 2020, promising to replace his predecessor’s tough-on-crime strategy and be “more selective about prosecutions.” He benefited from George Soros’s $220,000 donation to the Louisiana Justice and Public Safety PAC, a political action committee he supported.

Williams intended to implement policies such as never transferring minors to adult court, becoming more selective in accepting cases for prosecution, and abolishing the use of Louisiana’s strict persistent offender laws. Former defense attorneys and other liberal policy wonks populated his enormous transition team. Similar policies advocated by other rogue district attorneys funded by Soros may be found all over the country.

During Williams’ first year in office, murders soared. 2021 ended with 218 murders, the highest number in 17 years. At year’s end 2022, 280 people had been killed, making New Orleans the city with the unenviable title of “America’s murder capital.”

The number of carjackings also increased dramatically, forcing Williams to backtrack on some of his more extreme progressive views on criminality. Because of the disproportionate number of carjackings committed by young people in New Orleans, Williams has started charging certain minors as adults.

The overall decline rate of prosecutions, however, is startling. Crime is not going down – indictments are. During most of his first year in office, Williams only prosecuted slightly more than half of the criminal cases given to him. While he pursued prosecution in 55% of violent criminal charges, only 7% resulted in a conviction.

Williams dropped 29% of the aggravated felonies, lowered 27% to a lesser crime, and reduced 36% to a misdemeanor.

Some would say it is poetic justice that Williams has become a victim of his lax policies.