Soros Funded DA Is Sharing Tips On How Not To Get Carjacked As Crime Surges

( Instead of doing his job and actually helping prevent crime, Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon is now telling the people of Los Angeles the best ways that they can prevent their cars from being stolen.

In a statement about the rapid increase in car thefts in Los Angeles County, Gascon – who received funding from George Soros for his election campaign – offered ideas for how to prevent cars from being stolen.

“Here are a few easy steps you can take to help us reduce crime in our community,” he wrote, before telling people to lock their car doors, not to leave a spare key in their vehicle, park in well-lit areas, and install anti-theft devices in their cars.

The ideas are all things that the people of Los Angeles are presumably doing already…and wouldn’t people park in a well-lit space if they could already? What about people who don’t have a well-lit space to park in?

In the statement, which you can read here, Gascon said that auto theft is a “costly crime” and that his office is working with law enforcement to hold everybody who commits this crime accountable.

The people of Los Angeles have a right to be mad about Gascon’s comments – but only if they didn’t vote for him.

During his campaign, Gascon promised to implement criminal justice reforms, to end the use of the death penalty, and to reduce sentences for violent criminals.

Anyone who listened to what Gascon said in his campaign should have expected an increase in crime…