Spy Photos Show Putin Is Trying To Hide Ships From Ukraine

(NewsGlobal.com)- According to Maxar Technologies, satellite images of Ukraine’s Snake Island on Thursday show Russian ships taking evasive action against incoming missiles fired by Ukrainian forces. The company captured the photos.

According to the satellite company based in the United States, the images also show the aftermath of a recent assault by Ukrainian forces against Russian forces controlling the island. This includes a sunken ship and several damaged buildings and air defense vehicles.

It is possible to see the smoke trails left behind by recently fired missiles or munitions over the waters close to the Black Sea island, which is located approximately 50 kilometers (31 miles) off the coast of Romania.

According to Maxar Technologies’ interpretation of the scene depicted in one of the images, a Russian Serna-class landing ship can be seen “making evasive maneuvers” to avoid being struck by a “possible missile attack.”

A barge with a heavy-lift crane can be seen near a sunken Serna-class ship on the island’s north coast. Drones operated by the Ukrainian military reportedly hit the vessel. Close to the sunken ship, another ship that may have been a landing craft can also be seen along the coast.

According to Serhiy Bratchuk, the spokesman for the Odesa region military administration, a landing ship, and two Raptor-class patrol boats were damaged or destroyed by Ukrainian forces on Sunday. It is not entirely clear that the ship depicted in the imagery provided by Maxar is the same one that Bratchuk is describing.

The satellite images show buildings on the mainland of Snake Island that have been damaged due to recent airstrikes. The images also show what Maxar has determined to be several Russian Pantsir surface-to-air missile systems located near the destroyed buildings.

The Ukrainian military claimed on Tuesday that drone footage released by the Ukrainian military showed Ukrainian forces attacking military targets on Snake Island.

On the first day of Russia’s invasion, the Russian military successfully seized control of Snake Island, also referred to as Zmiinyi Island or Serpent Island.

When the Russian crew of the warship Moskva was asked to surrender, the Ukrainian border guard Roman Hrybov responded by telling them to “go f*** yourself.” This occurred during the initial battle for the island. After some time had passed, the Ukrainian missile attack caused the cruiser ship Moskva to sink in the Black Sea.

It is difficult to spin the war in a positive light when information gathering is swift and irrefutable, and embarrassing.