Stabbing Attack Rocks University Campus

Over the last several decades, the United States has been engaged in a “cold” cultural war. Indeed, while this conflict has only heated up to a noticeable extent in the last several years following the 2016 election, for much of the late 20th and early 21st century conservatives and progressives across America have battled with each other in political, social, and cultural arenas. Much of this conflict is being driven by radical leftist Democrats who have sought to completely alter the traditional culture of America; conservatives have been largely reactionary but have appeared weak and unable to generate any meaningful opposition or support for their movement against these activists. In contemporary times, the issue of transgenderism and the LGBTQ movement has taken center stage in this conflict. In New Jersey, the Democrat controlled state government enacted radical new curriculum requirements that teach gender identity and sexual education in kindergarten.

Another key aspect of this culture war is historical revisionism; leftists and Democrats have widely condemned many well-known historical figures in American history. While initially only people like Robert E. Lee and other confederate generals were targeted and deemed “racist”, in recent years activists have targeted widely admired figures like Theodore Roosevelt and even George Washington. These progressives have painted America’s founding era as a period of “racism and oppression” and have sought to paint America as an inherently rotten nation.

Ground zero for this culture war has often been on college campuses across the union. Identity politics have been pushed by progressive academics that pit students against each other and divide them by class and ethnicity. This “hyper focused” collectivist curriculum has undoubtedly caused tensions to rise between young people and is possibly a detriment to mental health. In Louisiana at Louisiana Tech University a 23 year old student went on a rampage and stabbed four people before being arrested. Thankfully, no one perished from their injuries in the incident.