Stacey Abrams Accidentally Disqualifies Herself In A Desperate Attack Against Her Opponent

( Democrat Stacey Abrams must think Georgia voters are stupid. Either that or Stacey Abrams is stupid.

In a tweet last week, Abrams decided that tossing President Biden under the bus was a great way to attack her opponent, Republican Governor Brian Kemp.

In her tweet, Abrams decried the skyrocketing rent prices, crippling inflation, and the rising costs of groceries caused by Biden’s mishandling of the economy. Then, for reasons only a stupid person would understand, Abrams blamed the Biden Inflation on Brian Kemp.

It is the Democrat Party’s disastrous handling of the economy that will deliver victory for Republicans in November. And no Democrat candidate with half a brain would call attention to the one thing that hurts Democrats.

Then again, Stacey Abrams doesn’t have half a brain.

Instead of pretending the economy is all sunshine and rainbows, Abrams blunders headlong into the one issue Democrats want to avoid, all because she thinks she can pin the Biden economy on her opponent.

Rents are skyrocketing throughout the country partly because Biden extended the Pandemic-era rent moratorium far beyond the pandemic. Landlords aren’t getting paid by all of their tenants. So what choice do they have but to charge more? Federal monetary policy and increasing interest rates don’t help either.

No governor has the power to undo federal policies that drive up the cost of housing.

The same thing holds true about rising consumer prices.

Grocery prices are rising at the fastest pace since 1979, not because of Brian Kemp, but because of federal policies and federal spending that has sent consumer prices through the roof.

Of the two gubernatorial candidates in Georgia, only one of them did real damage to the economy of the state, and that was Stacey Abrams.

Abrams joined the effort in 2021 to drive the All-Star Game out of Georgia to protest the state’s new election integrity laws, costing local businesses millions in lost revenue.