Starting in January, Gov. Pritzker’s New Law Takes Effect

( The “Land of Lincoln”—the state of Illinois—has put itself on the verge of extinction. The state will no longer exist after this.

Under the Biden Administration, crime is at all-time highs. Crime is soaring in major US cities. Chicago is among the worst cities. This once-great American city is in turmoil.

Every week, the state, particularly the city of Chicago, is subject to horrific stories and statistics. Robbery and shoplifting are off the charts.

The insane mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, attributes the record increase to the city’s store owners. (???). Considering that violent crime is at a 30-year high, it is insanity that this is her theory.

Someone needs to remind crazy Lightfoot that it’s not the shops. This is, once again,  blaming the rape victim for being assaulted. That’s sick.

The Democrats are unable to address the problem of rising crime effectively. They don’t care about the misery of Americans. With the absurd policies they advocate, they have no chance of successfully resolving the problems.

This is clear from what will happen in Illinois on January 1st.  Pritzker, the Democrat billionaire in charge of the state, signed a law that goes into effect in 2023. Many say this bill will utterly destroy the state.

Many amendments to the highly contentious SAFE-T Act were signed by Governor J.B. Pritzker only weeks before it was scheduled to become law in Illinois on New Year’s day. The three prior amendments to the original legislation’s problematic elements are addressed and clarified by the revisions.

In its original form, the law did not allow the arrest and removal of trespassers from someone else’s property by the police. A judge couldn’t even be certain that he had the power to detain someone accused of second-degree murder.

This most recent law allegedly addresses some of the problems, although it’s unclear. A judge cannot set the defendant’s bail at an amountis “unaffordable.” Violent offenders have been kept off the streets using bail. The judge must now release them. Several possibilities could allow violent criminals to be released almost immediately, free to commit the same crimes again.

Goodbye, Illinois. We hardly knew ye.