State GOP Accused Of Stealing Money By Ex Staffers, Leading To Probe

( A shocking new report from conservative news outlet National File just revealed how the Colorado state Republican Party is under investigation by the Federal Election Commission over missing money that may have been paid to “illegitimate” consultants. It reveals just how corrupt politics can be, even within establishment Republican circles.

The alleged corruption is said to have taken place during the 2020 election campaign, too, making the situation even more despicable. It means that the Colorado state GOP could have been actively working to line the pockets of certain establishment figures instead of helping former President Donald Trump win.

The National File accused the state GOP of being “largely worthless at fighting the Left” and reminded readers that the Colorado GOP refused to fight for an audit or election decertification in 2020 after evidence was presented of widespread election fraud and misconduct in the state.

A former staffer from the Colorado GOP also said in a statement that the party has employees on the payroll that don’t even exist and that some consulting firms get paid thousands of dollars every month in transactions that are “illegitimate.”

“A lot of money went missing and it’s all on the FEC filings,” the staffer added.

According to the report, subpoenas have been issued by the FEC in summer of last year and that wrongdoing has already been discovered and documented. One big name to have already been found out is former Colorado Republican Party chairman Ryan Call for was disbarred after he allegedly pocketed around $280,000 in funds from a super PAC called “Rebuilding America Now.”

The money was meant to be used to help Donald Trump win the election.

We’ll report back when more progress is made in the investigations. We must hold these people accountable.