Stephen King Shared A Fake News Tweet About Ron DeSantis

( In June of last year, the left-leaning outlet Salon ran a false story claiming that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had signed a bill that would force Florida college professors and students to register their political views with the state.

It was so laughably ridiculous, you would have to be a slack-jawed leftist to fall for it, which might explain why anti-Trump Resistance writer Stephen King believed it and tweeted the claim to his followers last Wednesday.

In his tweet, King posted the 2021 headline from the Salon article, adding “I. Can’t. Even.”

Maybe. Because. It. Wasn’t. True.

The bill Governor DeSantis signed requires Florida public universities and colleges to perform annual voluntary surveys on, “intellectual freedom and viewpoint diversity.”

Even the Democrat-supporting fact-checkers at Politifact rating King’s tweet FALSE.

The headline from Salon’s 2021 article tweeted by King was later changed after CNN fact-checked the story.

After Twitter users called out the horrible horror writer for peddling fake news, Stephen King deleted the tweet and followed up with another tweet explaining that the story was “fake news” so he deleted it. He said he regretted posting the tweet “without being more confident the story was correct” and vowed that he would learn from the mistake.

Then King laughably added, “Salon is usually more reliable,” thereby proving that he is incapable of learning from his mistakes.