Steve Bannon is Quietly Plotting To Help Impeach Biden

( Steve Bannon is heading up a new push — this time to impeach President Joe Biden.

Only a few hours before he was sentenced to spend four months behind bars for criminal contempt of Congress, Bannon posted on Gettr, the conservative social media platform, to endorse comments that were made by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

In those comments, McCarthy said he would not go after an impeachment of Biden or any of the other officials in his administration based on politics alone. He made those comments in speaking with Punchbowl News, in response to questions about what the GOP would do if it were able to re-take control of the House following the midterm elections next week.

Many of McCarthy’s Republican colleagues in Congress have said they want to impeach Biden as well as some of the members of his cabinet in response to what they all viewed as politically-motivated attacks against former President Donald Trump.

But, McCarthy pushed back on that, saying he didn’t see any reason to bring impeachment charges against Biden “right now.”

As the House minority leader said:

“You watch what the Democrats did. They all came out and said they would impeach before Trump was ever sworn in. There wasn’t a purpose for it. If you spent all that time arguing against using impeachment for political purposes, you got to be able to sustain exactly what you said.”

Those are comments that Bannon jumped on the back of. While he’s said that he believed that Biden could be impeached for how he has handled the border crisis at the U.S. southern border or how the president has handled the entire situation with his son Hunter and his business dealings, he was careful to say it needed to be planned out and executed well.

As Bannon posted on the Gettr platform:

“Listen to exactly what McCarthy said — ‘we will not impeach for political purposes.’ WarRoom [Bannon’s podcast] agrees — We must only impeach following strictly the guidelines of The Constitution — After deep and thorough investigations into the invasion of the Southern Border, Hunter Biden’s Laptop from Hell, Fauci’s lies during the pandemic, and many other investigations.

“Then and only then after finding high crimes can we then go forward with articles of impeachment — when the case is clear to the American people it is NOT political. And believe me when I say there will be impeachments and the American People will not simply support it but DEMAND it.”

While McCarthy didn’t take such a solid stance in favor of impeaching Biden, other Republicans in the House have. Florida Representative Matt Gaetz said doing so would be a “priority” for House GOPers if they retake the lower chamber.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia, meanwhile, has already tried to bring articles of impeachment against Biden. Those didn’t go anywhere, of course, since Democrats control the House right now.

Bannon remains free while his lawyer’s appeal his case.