Stormy Daniels Says She ‘Hates’ Trump During Hush Money Trial Testimony

Legal Analyst for CNN Elie Honig was recently interviewed for the cross-examination made on adult film star Stormy Daniels after her recent testimony given at the ongoing business fraud trial of Former President Donald Trump in Manhattan, NYC. Honig reported on the cross-examination after Daniels’ testimony describing the testimony as a “disaster”, and was shocked by the personal statements Daniels made about Trump.

Regarding Stormy Daniels’ testimony, which recalled a scenario about an intimate encounter between Trump and Daniels in a hotel room back in 2006, Honig stated that that part of the testimony seemed reasonable, however, Honig believes that Daniels’ responses under cross-examination by Trump’s legal team bring her credibility to a higher questioning.

During Daniels’ cross-examination, she stated that she outright hates the former president, which Honig called a disastrous response. According to Honig, that itself is a big deal, seemingly regarding credibility and motive. Honig further explained that when a witness has hateful feelings toward the defendant whose freedom is at stake, as well as making social media posts about the situation, which Daniels has done, it can undermine the credibility of the witness.

In a series of past tweets, Stormy Daniels denied that she would make any financial payment to the former president, even stating that she would go to jail before she paid a single penny to Trump. Legal analyst Honig found these incidents legally alarming since Daniels has been ordered by courts to pay Trump $500,000, although the adult film star has stated on numerous occasions that she never would. Honig regarded this as a court matter, in which Daniels is willing to defy a court order, which is a prosecutable federal crime. Honig further detailed that if Daniels is not to respect the order of the court, then how could she respect the oath that she took during the testimony? Trump has pleaded not guilty to all 34 counts of business fraud.