Street Lights To Be Turned Off Amid Energy Shortage In France

( Despite President Macron’s assertion that “France has a minimal dependency on Russian gas,” the country’s public lighting will be switched off at night to reduce energy use.

Macron made the statements during a televised interview held to honor Bastille Day.

Because of the conflict in Ukraine, Macron stated that “the summer and early fall would be very hard” for the people of France, and he indicated that a complete shutdown of gas supplies from Russia was looking quite possible.

In retaliation, the French people are being instructed to practice “energy sobriety” and to get ready for even higher food costs. President Macron has stated that some locations would shut off public lighting at night.

Macron stated, “From this day forward, I will ask governmental bodies and firms to reduce their use. We will devise a plan to reduce the number of lights we use at night. We are beginning a program to encourage sobriety and load reduction. We must prepare for a situation where we are forced to give up Russian gas.

Despite these rather alarming remarks, the President of France continued to emphasize that “France has a minimal dependency on Russian gas.”

Additionally, he asserted that the energy issue was not the result of sanctions imposed on Russia because energy prices started to climb even before the conflict.

Macron said that every person must get ready for the possibility that this battle will continue for some time. The remainder of summer and the start of fall are likely to be quite challenging.

The problem is also being felt intensely in Germany, where residents work hard to stockpile firewood while being instructed to take fewer showers, drive less, and deal with the frigid weather by wearing more layers of clothes.

Cities all around Germany are proposing to utilize sports arenas and exhibition halls as ‘warm up areas’ this winter to assist residents who are shivering in the cold but cannot afford the ever-increasing heating expenses of their homes.

Yet, Macron was re-elected one month ago. You get what you vote for.