Supreme Court Justice’s Wife Target Of New York Times Hitjob

( The New York Times allegedly knowingly published a lie about Ginni Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Claren Thomas.

The Federalist reports that the Times attempted to smear Ginni Thomas for her work in conservative activism, attempting to link her to the planning of January 6 peaceful protests in Washington, D.C., that were entirely separate from the riot that occurred on the same day.

According to Mark Paoletta, new information reveals how the New York Times knowingly printed an inaccurate allegation in a hit piece about Ginni Thomas authored by Jo Becker and Danny Hakim. In the piece, the authors alleged that Ginni Thomas had a “mediating role” between Women for America First and Tea Party Patriots, two conservative groups who have reportedly been feuding for several years. The mediating, they said, was directly related to the planning of the January 6 protests – but it’s apparently completely untrue.

“Ginni Thomas played no role in the planning of Jan. 6 activities with any individual or group, period, let alone any ‘mediating role’ between groups,” Paoletta writes.

Hakim reportedly received a text message from Kylie Jane Kremer, who is the executive director of Women for American First, which informed him that Thomas was not involved with any of their event planning for January 6. The message was sent to Hakim on February 17, days before the piece was published on February 22.

But for some reason, Hakim didn’t update the piece.

On the same day, Kremer also told Hakim that Ginni had no involvement with their group. Hakim asked her if Ginni played a mediating role, to which Kremer responded by saying it is “irrelevant” as the group was not interacting with Thomas in any way.

For some reason, Hakim refused to listen, and published a story claiming that Ginni played a mediating role – even though Kremer denied it.

So, when you see claims from far-left activists that Ginni Thomas was involved in January 6, you know what they’re referring to. Not only was she not involved in the planning of a riot, she wasn’t even involved with the planning of the peaceful protests that also took place that day.