Suspicious Envelopes Received In Multiple Election Offices

Authorities say suspicious packages were sent to election offices in three states.

The secretary of State’s office in Washington state acknowledged that envelopes containing unknown powdered substances were received in election offices in four counties on Thursday. According to a press statement, all of the offices in the counties of King, Pierce, Spokane, and Skagit were forced to close due to the potential danger.

Secretary of State of Washington Steve Hobbs (D) has said that the security of election workers is his top priority when they open ballot envelopes and count votes. These occurrences stress the critical need for increased protections for all election workers. Free and fair elections are essential to a functioning democracy. Terrorist activities designed to disrupt our electoral process have taken place.

According to the announcement, election workers in King County and Okanogan County found suspicious materials in envelopes during the state’s primary on August 1. King County Elections turned up the letter and envelope it received to the US Postal Inspection Service. Analysis revealed minute traces of the opioid pain reliever fentanyl.

It was concluded that the material in the Okanogan County package was harmless.

During a news conference, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger acknowledged the finding of an envelope containing fentanyl that was being mailed to Fulton County.

Raffensberger characterized these acts as domestic terrorism and called on all current and prospective political leaders in the United States to denounce them.

Public information officer Devon Ashbridge said a suspicious letter was delivered to Lane County, Oregon’s elections office workers on Wednesday. According to Ashbridge, they contacted the police and shut down the elections office for the rest of the day.

Ashbridge said it was a downbeat feeling, but they were glad that the folks who came into touch with that piece of mail had not reported any symptoms or medical difficulties.

Although they are relieved that no one was hurt, it is unsettling to return to work with the knowledge that someone out there wants to frighten you and, at worst, kill you, Ashbridge said.