Swing Voters Decide They Want Biden To Sit Out 2024

(NewsGlobal.com)- According to an Axios report, a focus group of swing voters in Michigan said they wanted President Joseph Biden to face a rival in the Democrat primary. 

All 13 people who participated in the Engagious/Schlesinger survey responded that they hoped a Democrat would challenge Joe Biden in the Democratic primary in 2024. 

They voted for former President Donald Trump in 2016 and President Joe Biden in 2020. 

Two-thirds of those polled indicated they would vote for a generic, noncontroversial, middle-aged white male Republican governor with mainstream conservative beliefs instead of Biden. 

The report shows voters also had doubts about Biden’s ability to serve due to his advanced age, diminished mental capacity, and general unfitness. 

One woman told Axios that every time she sees Biden, he seems older and weaker, but Trump hasn’t changed at all in her eyes. 

According to another respondent, Biden’s “out of it” demeanor in public makes him appear unqualified for his job as president. 

Elsewhere, polling has shown that an increasing proportion of Democrats do not want President Biden to run for a second term in office, so these results from the focus group are timely. 

Despite President Joseph Biden’s repeated assertions that he would run for reelection in 2024, an Associated Press survey found that a majority of Democrats believe one term is enough. 

Just 37 percent of Democrats want him to run for reelection, down from 52 percent in the run-up to the midterms last year, according to a new survey from The AP and NORC Center for Public Affairs Research group. 

Notwithstanding Biden’s claims of legislative achievements and leadership abilities, the survey results imply that few American citizens have a favorable opinion of either.

According to interviews conducted after distributing the poll, many people viewed Biden’s age as a disadvantage. They were concerned about his gaffes, physical abilities, and constant coughing.  They believe a younger person would be better suited to handle the stresses of the planet’s most stressful job.