Teacher Faces Backlash For Showing Horror Film To 4th Graders

A fourth-grade teacher in Miami has been accused of showing “Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey” to his students. The upcoming sequel to the low-budget horror film that went viral will have its world debut on Valentine’s Day.

Rhys Waterfield, co-director of the film, addressed the report of the underage viewing.

Waterfield said he thinks “it’s insane,” adding that there is no way you can mistake it for a children’s film with the wild things that happen in the first 10 minutes.

Since his characters “look menacing,” Waterfield wondered whether or not the teacher had left the room during the screening of his picture or whether or not the pupils had deceived their teacher into putting on the movie.

Waterfield hoped that it wouldn’t damage the youngsters’ childhoods.

On October 2nd, parents protested when their children attended a Miami Springs charter school and saw a scary scene from the film Winnie the Pooh Meets the Real Ghostbusters. They said the educator was to blame since she should have known better than to show the film.

In “Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey,” Pooh Bear is portrayed as a murdering psychopath. According to Common Sense Media, a non-profit that evaluates media for its appropriateness for children, there are graphic depictions of “violence and nudity” in the film.

On February 14, 2024, Waterfield will release the sequel to the horror flick. He said that “everything’s stepped up significantly” in the follow-up, saying that there will be about “30 deaths,” or more deaths than in the original.

Everything has been dramatically improved upon, in terms of terror and depravity, since the previous picture. This movie is terrifying. We’ve raised the stakes, as many visitors are drawn to the area specifically for the violent content. Last time I checked, there were at least thirty people killed in the film, which is a lot more than you see in most films. That’s easily three times as many as the original picture, featuring several bloody massacres and other exciting events. As a result, there is an abundance of blood and guts.